First Project: What should you make?

Starting out is both exciting and a little scary. As the saying goes in writing, there is nothing more terrifying than a blank page. When there is nothing written, there is nothing to build off of. There is nothing to modify. It is like having a brick wall in front of you. You have nowhere to go. So, what do you do? What should you build?

The big secret — it doesn’t matter what you make. Just make something. When you are first starting, you won’t have all the answers yet. You don’t even know all of the right questions to ask, so you make a choice and get moving on it. The questions, and hopefully answers, will come. When you start to build your creation, you will be amazed how many ideas come to you as you work.

Take inspiration from other games. Your favorite games are very likely what drew you to want to make games in the first place. Borrow and steal ideas from them. What was cool? Do that. What was awful? Do less of that. Of course you need to understand your own limitations. This might be the first game you have ever worked on. Progress may be slow to start. That is OK! Just make progress every day. The only way to make that happen is by putting in the time every day.

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