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Hello and welcome! By visiting this site, you are starting on your exciting journey into the world of game development. We could not be more happy to help you along the way. To get you started, there are a number of resources…
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First Project: What should you make?

Starting out is both exciting and a little scary. As the saying goes in writing, there is nothing more terrifying than a blank page. When there is nothing written, there is nothing to build off of. There is nothing to…
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Small Steps

Game development certainly has unique challenges when compared to other fields of study. However, the basic key methods for success are common for any project. The first key is to start with small manageable pieces. Take a large task and…
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Getting Started

In recent years, the game development industry has exploded and now seems like everyone is making a video game. The games industry has evolved in a new and very exciting direction. It can be quiet tough to get started when…
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