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    In recent years, the game development industry has exploded and now seems like everyone is making a video game. The games industry has evolved in a new and very exciting direction. It can be quiet tough to get started when you are new it the idea. However, it may be encouraging to know that nowadays, there are even more people in independent game development than ever before. You have a vision for the kind of game that you want to make, now what is the next step? This is where tools come in.

unity_5_th unity-editor_thOne of the most popular tools to emerge in recent years is the Unity engine. This is the recommended tool for developers just starting out. It is popular due to its low cost (free!), ease of use, and its broad set of features which makes it ideal for the rapid evolving landscape of gaming development.

Step 1: Download and Install Unity

Step 2: Create Free Unity Account

Step 3: Start Creating!

As with any other skill, learning how to design games is something that takes time. Video game development relies on the trial and error process to make it work. You should not expect your first game to look so much polished like the ones you like playing. It is normal to experience some issues with scope at first, this is normal. Start small. Build incrementally. Fail quickly, and often, improving with every iteration.

There is a wealth of information and tutorials on the Internet that you can work through. Books are another great resource. Take a look at the resources page for some recommendations.

Also, check out the following free Unity tutorial.
make_a_unity_2d_physics_game_thMake a Unity 2D Physics Game - For Beginners!

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